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Helping Ideas take Root

Many great ideas fail without proper understanding.

Some ideas cannot adequately be described in words.  Turn to the magic of video to portray your ideas and grasp your audience.


Professional Services

From concept to filming, from editing to final cut, we create the video needed to present your idea, portray your business, or provide your instruction.

Comprehensive Programs

Stunning videography

Clear audio

Precise timing

Concise presentation

Amazing Results

Where do we deliver the most? In exceeding our client’s expectations.  We provide a guarantee that you will be happy with our product.


Medical Instruction

Video is a great way to teach students or colleagues advanced techniques at a level that cannot be achieved through text alone.


“The detail and clarity is amazing!”

“Being able to provide video to supplement hands-on learning is truly a unique benefit.”

Imagine providing students with a resource that uniformly teaches concepts and ideas.  Videos are not only informative, clear and concise, but an extremely efficient way to communicate effectively.  

Take your team to the next level!



Fitness Instruction

Create a public and a private video library to guide your members to new levels.


“I see it.  I understand it.  Now I just have to do it.”







With uniform training through video, the same information is communicated to get your team on the same page.



Introduce new concepts and ideas through video.  When precision counts, turn to video to see the difference.


Police & Military Training

The Time is Now




“Imagine trying to teach this with text alone.  It’s impossible.  Video creates a whole new level of understanding.”





Business Services


  • Product presentation
  • Service demonstration
  • Testimonials
  • Business vision


Product Launch

Have a new product you want to show the world?  Launch with video.


“I  never imagined the impact a video could have.”














SHORT FILMS:  Make your idea, a reality.

Music Videos

Need to make a music video?  A short film?

Let’s do it!


“This, is awesome.”



Croix Valley Consulting, LLC

 Let’s make something together.